Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

At OFS, our goal is to optimize performance for clients while creating a transparent and evolving sustainability-focused culture across our firm. We strive to update our ESG approach through a continuous four-stage cycle of growth and learning.

Responsible Investing through ESG

We incorporate ESG in the pre-investment sourcing and origination as well as the underwriting and approval functions of our investment process where we deem appropriate. As a PRI Signatory, our ESG investment policy is based on guidelines that are anchored in the United Nations-backed Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI) initiative.

It is OFS’s belief that a tailored approach to ESG integration across investment products, combined with the rigorous and standardized application of core ESG principles, provides the optimal framework for achieving outstanding long-term performance.

We believe that environmental and climate-related issues can be a material driver of value and a factor of investment performance, as well as a potential indicator of investment risk. As ESG factors may vary across types of investments, where we deem appropriate, with each potential new investment, we seek to identify and evaluate the material ESG and climate change issues associated with the investment.

At OFS, we are committed to continually innovating and improving our incorporation of ESG principles into our pre-investment and investment processes, as well as into our ongoing investment monitoring.

Diversity Equity
& Inclusion

At OFS, we believe diversity empowers inclusion. In collaboration with our teams of multicultural personnel, we are building a unique platform where employees can share their ideas and thoughts regardless of title or level. We are developing our practices and initiatives to apply to the many facets of our organization, including recruitment, compensation, benefits, and professional development.

We believe that building inclusive teams that promote diversity and support various perspectives is consistent with our corporate mission to create an environment that values honesty, integrity, kindness and respect while achieving superior results.

OFS recognizes that the successful implementation of a fair range of perspectives requires the ongoing review of issues using a results-driven approach. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion continually evolves through research and committee experiences, so that we continue to nurture the ideas and beliefs that further OFS’s culture and success.

As a firm, we have a responsibility to build and cultivate a culture that supports and values diversity and inclusion.