Broadly Syndicated Loans

OFS targets investments in Broadly Syndicated Loans primarily in the senior secured tranches of a company’s capital structure, seeking superior risk-adjusted returns.

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is rooted in its thorough credit evaluation process, which has been developed over multiple credit cycles. This process focuses on fundamental analysis and capital preservation of the underlying assets to maintain a well-diversified portfolio and optimize performance for our investor base.

Investment Characteristics


Greater than $300 million


Greater than $50 million


$250 million or greater


North America-focused


First lien / Second lien


SOFR/LIBOR + 175 - 750




Rated by S&P & Moody’s

The OFS Advantage

OFS Capital Management stands out with a proven track record in broadly syndicated loans. This is based on deep industry relationships, robust underwriting capabilities and substantial infrastructure, including a sophisticated technology platform.

We have over 25 years of experience in underwriting, portfolio management and workout experience across numerous economic cycles.

Origination and Credit Evaluation Process

  • We maintain relationships with many multinational institutional lenders and broker-dealers, as well as large commercial finance providers/regional banks.

  • Our team of industry experts brings forth deep insights across industry sectors, which provides relative value decisions both within and across different sectors.

  • Our market specialists have deep knowledge of the market and individual issuers as well as their performance through credit downturns.

  • We have built-in processes to anticipate and withstand periods of stress in the credit markets.

  • We underwrite each loan to ensure a satisfactory investment and seek to maintain a well-diversified portfolio across industries and issuers.

Portfolio Management

  • Along with our diverse research and analytical tools, our sophisticated in-house technology platform can accommodate a multiple of current investment volume.
  • We have experience in managing loans through multiple credit cycles in a CLO environment.
  • Our sophisticated technological platform allows us to actively monitor all portfolios.

Workout Capabilities

  • We have strong in-house workout experience.
  • Our experience in distressed debt management contributes to greater investment flexibility during a market turndown.